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Announcing: 365 Days Accident and Injury Free!

Accident-Free-mark-FINALOne year…365 days…8760 hours. That’s a long time. And for a business like Performance Industrial to go that long with zero workplace accidents or injuries is an impressive accomplishment. But on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, we did it, thanks to the outstanding and careful work each and every one of our crew members do for our customers. With 24 employees working 40+ hours per week, that’s over 50,000 man-hours without an incident! Congratulations, team!

3 Secrets to Our Safety Success

Safety is our top priority at Performance Industrial, not only because we care about our employees, but also because we understand that potential customers are looking for sub-contractors who operate safely. It benefits them to hire people who work safely while on their property since an injury can affect their OSHA incident rates too. So what is Performance Industrial doing differently than other companies that allowed us to reach this remarkable one-year, accident-fee milestone?
  1. We empower our employees to stop a job if they feel it is unsafe for any reason. No questions asked.
  2. We promote a culture of safety by bringing in experts to teach our employees about safe work practices; safety training is a job requirement here.
  3. We involve employees in pre-job analysis to help determine how to do a job safely based on their past experiences.