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Combustible Dust: The Insidious Killer

In 1977, 20 workers were killed in a Galveston Texas grain elevator explosion.

Low humidity caused the material to be dryer than normal, creating conditions favorable to combustible dust. Combustible dust is a hazard that is present in nearly every industry. Although a very common, very dangerous problem, prevention is not addressed as frequently as it should be. Because it is difficult see or smell, the possibility of an explosion or fire as a result of contributing conditions can be under recognized. The three phases of a combustible dust explosion (see Step-by-Step Illustration of Combustible Dust Explosions article below) can be destructive and fatal any type of facility. The fact is that combustible explosions and fires are completely preventable. At Performance Industrial, we understand the elements present in commercial and industrial locations that combine to create the perfect storm. In July 2017, OSHA removed Combustible Dust Standard from its Regulatory Agenda, but the threat and dangers associated with this hazard remain. OSHA Can still impose Fines and penalties under the  Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program. For all responsible employers, keeping facilities dust-free and safe is not only good business, but the right thing to do. At Performance industrial, we take the consequences of combustible dust seriously, and continually provide information on awareness and prevention. Review our other industrial info articles on combustible dust: We are your single source for industrial and commercial cleaning when and where you need it. Call 518.793.9274 for more information, or email us at Download our free ebook on Combustible Dust

Pam Sissons