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Concrete Floor Repair: More important than you think

Epoxy Flooring and Concrete Resurfacing

More than just a pretty face

When facility managers or others in similar positions come to us around repairing their concrete floors, they’re most often concerned with aesthetics. But, there are actually 5 reasons you may not have thought of to resurface your floors. 

Why resurfacing matters

1. Safety Employees are far more likely to suffer trips, slips, and falls if your floor is cracked, pitted, or uneven. Concrete floor repair and epoxy polyurethane floor coatings are an essential step to help keep this from happening. Concrete repair floor coatings with a textured, skid, and moisture resistant epoxy will further enhance your floor’s safety and make it safe for your customers and employees. 2. Environment Cracked floors and trenches may be allowing hazardous chemicals to seep into the ground below. Not only is this environmentally unsound, but it likely violates EPA regulations. A well-kept floor with secondary containment can help prevent this. 3. Longevity Cracking and pitting are signs of aging concrete. Once they start, they expedite the deterioration of your floor. Keeping the cracks at bay with regular maintains helps ensure your money is well spent. 4. Cleanliness In many warehouses, quality control depends on strict cleanliness standards. But, concrete dust can make meting these standards nearly impossible. Floor repair and regular coating updates can prevent dust, optimize production, and make cleanup easier in any facility. 5. Aesthetics Yes, how it looks is still important. Stained, cracked concrete shows lack of attention and professionalism – especially if in an area your customers can see. But, what you may not have considered, is that the way your facility looks influences how your employees feel as well. Maintain a place someone is proud to work for and everyone will be amazed at the difference it makes! For more information on Performance Industrial’s concrete repair or industrial epoxy flooring call (518) 793-9274 or contact us online.

Karen Miller