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Front Stage & Back Stage: A Formula for a Seamless Performance

The Secret to our Success

With Front Stage and Back Stage working in concert, we deliver an outstanding performance. At Performance Industrial, we believe in the education – both personal and professional – of our team. In fact, we invest many hours a year in certifications, conferences, seminars, and leadership programs. One such program I was involved with was Strategic Coach®. Strategic Coach is a personal coaching system created by Dan Sullivan and some of his concepts have, quite literally, changed the future of our company! One of those concepts is the Front Stage/Back Stage Model™. An excerpt from the concept describes it:
The Front Stage/Back Stage Model draws a parallel between the theater and the experience you create for your clients in your business. As we watch a live performance, we are captivated by the stellar performances, the lighting, the sound, and the atmosphere. You want your business, like the theater, to create a positive, memorable, and unique experience in which your clients, customers, and prospects see the “magic” of the Front Stage while the Back Stage logistics keep it running smoothly.
“Ah ha!” Finally.  This resonated deeply with how we already run our company. Our customers have always given us the feedback that our crew do incredible work. They come in professionally dressed (like a costume), address a problem, fight the battle, and save the day – just like our favorite performances (Or, as they might prefer, they come in a great outfit, play the guitar, sing their heart out, rock the drum solo, and drop the mic). But, even as they wow the audience, there is an entire crew running the back stage making sure everyone can do their job as best they can. The Front Stage/Back Stage Model not only gave structure to talking about our team – it became our company name! As I was completing this coaching, we were also in the middle of our renaming. As such, we had interviews conducted of our customers. One of our customers said, “You know, I can just always count on them. They come in and do it all seamlessly, like a seamless performance.There is was! Performance.  Now as Performance Industrial, we’ve been so influenced by this Front Stage/Back Stage Model that we continue to honor it in how we talk about ourselves. As a quick rundown, here are some of the ways we use Front Stage and Back Stage to help our company run!

Front Stage

Our front stage is your front line.

  • No matter how grimy the job, we will show up in professional trucks and crisp uniforms.
  • We minimize disturbances to daily operations.
    • Whether that means working while their open, or all through the night to ensure they can be.
  • We’re center stage on the latest safety standards, making sure we educate everyone one we meet so we can all be safe.
  • When the phone rings, we create great first impressions.

Back Stage

Our back stage is your support system.

  • We make sure the cast of characters report to duty
    • And, we work to have the right cast in place with the right tools to do the job.
  • We stay trained and certified, agile to help our Front Stage at every turn