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The Performance Industrial Guide to Parking Garage Sealcoating

Your parking garage or facility is often the first experience your customers have with your business. A well-maintained, clean parking area says that you pay attention to details, care about your business and, by extension, your customers. A cracked and rutted parking garage says to our customers that you don’t always maintain your facility, and may even make them question whether your business is right for them. An unkempt parking area detracts from even the best-looking buildings. If your parking garage needs attention, the industrial cleaning and maintenance professionals at Performance Industrial can seal and prep it for a fresh, organized appearance.

What Is Sealing?

Customers’ vehicles are more likely to lose traction in a parking garage that isn’t maintained properly as traffic wears down the surface over time. The material applied to the surface is rough when you seal your parking area, which improves the friction between the surface and your customers’ tires. Sealcoating covers the entire parking garage surface with compounds that make it impervious to weather and wear. When a seal coat is applied, it potects the surface from the sun,  water damage and the wear your parking lot experiences all day, every day. It makes your parking garage look clean, new, welcoming and safe. Sealing your parking garage covers old faded lines, creating a blank canvas for fresh ones, offering you the opportunity to change vehicle space locations or add new ones.

Sealing and Striping Improve Traffic Flow & Safety

Customers don’t know where to park when a parking lot has faded paint, often leading them to park their vehicle wherever it seems most convenient, taking up more space than necessary and causing problems when the next customer looks for a spot. When customers can clearly see parking spaces, they know exactly where to park, and what areas are off limits. Adding arrows to show proper traffic flow can prevent confusion and significantly improve traffic flow. Striping also improves safety. Reflective paint stands out even at night, and direction arrows help drivers avoid collisions with one another.

What Does Your Parking Garage Say About Your Business?

You spend a lot of money on the image you present to the public. You keep the exterior of your building pristine and the inside spotless. You pay professionals to manage your print and online marketing and showcase what makes your company exemplary. Sealing and striping your parking garage can change the look of your business, resulting in an improved image, higher customer confidence, increased traffic, and maximized profits. Performance Industrial can help you maintain, repair and seal your parking garage. We work as a commercial painting contractor in Albany, Saratoga, Glens Falls, and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can improve the look and safety of your business. Related Posts: