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Hiring a Paints and Coatings Contractor? 5 Things to Consider

Often we pick up the phone and on the other end is a facility manager under pressure to complete a major industrial or commercial painting project as quickly as possible. Sometime the CEO is coming to town…other times they’re just short on staff and need some quick backup. When time and stress are a factor, choosing the right contactor can become that much more important. You need someone that you can be absolutely sure will do it right, the first time. Here are some lessons we’ve learned from our customers that might help you in making your contractor decisions. 1. Know what they’ve seen and if they can handle it Anyone can hold a paintbrush. Anyone can make a mark on the wall. Any contractor is probably well suited to paint a door or a wall. But, do they know how to work with all kinds of substrates? Not every contractor knows the minute differences of surface materials and coating selection. Make sure you have a conversation about your needs ahead of time. 2. Can they meet your schedule? Finding out early in your decision-making process if your vendor has the proven ability to dedicate an entire team to your project can make all the difference. You have a deadline and time = money, right? Well a rushed job is bound to become a bad job…and if your contractor isn’t honest from the get-go about their bandwidth, you’ll be the one that suffers. The opportunity of a big paycheck can present a lot of “yes men.” Weed through the clutter and find the one with the right experience. 3. Are they motivated to do it correctly? This one might be more difficult to measure, but if you’ve gotten to know your contractor’s crew you’ll quickly recognize a standout option. The difference is the employee who is there just to punch the clock, and the person who is really trying to make an impression. Companies that treat their employees well will likely align with the later. This type of work is likely to show up in high-profile areas of your facility…take the time to understand how your contractor’s crew works. 4. Are they in contact with their vendors? Selecting the right paints and coatings can be the hardest part of this process. Add to that the fact that products are always changing. A solid contactor is in constant contact with their reps. You can identify a reputable contactor based on whether or not they’re aware of the latest products and how they work in a variation of scenarios. 5. Be clear with your goals This job can be a major expense. So, make sure your contractor is aware of your end game. Otherwise, their estimate may not reflect the investment you’re willing to make. Are you looking for a simple spruce up before you sell it? Or, are you hoping to paint today and not again for another five years. Above all, clear communication about your expectations will dramatically improve job satisfaction. From factory floors to warehouses and manufacturing equipment, the Performance team has seen a lot. The five areas above have all been lessons we’ve learned. When you’re rushed, the quick decision can feel the easiest, but knowing what you need ahead of time can help protect your investment.   [av_button_big label=’Need help in your facility?’ description_pos=’below’ link=’manually,’ link_target=” icon_select=’yes-left-icon’ icon=’ue832′ font=’entypo-fontello’ custom_font=’#ffffff’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’#444444′ color_hover=’theme-color-subtle’ custom_bg_hover=’#444444′ av_uid=’av-2ib2eo’] Read our full list of industrial and commercial contractor services. [/av_button_big]