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Industrial Tank Painting Contractor

Industrial Tank Painting Contractor

Painting Industrial silos and storage tanks

In an industrial environment, steel tanks and concrete corrode over time, resulting in performance and safety issues that can go undetected or unaddressed. Industrial tank painting mitigates resulting problems and damages, including compromised product, tank safety, environmental factors and appearance. In the world of commercial cleaning and painting, Performance Industrial is an industrial tank painting contractor. We have extensive experience in mitigating the unique challenges these conditions present. Some of the industries that utilize our expertise in industrial tank cleaning and coating include:
  • Containment areas
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Fuel Oils
  • Gasoline
  • Municipal Water Tanks
  • Chemical Processing
There are multiple reasons why cleaning and painting industrial silos and storage tanks is important in these and many other industries. It may be part of a capital maintenance schedule to keep equipment clean and functioning smoothly, as well as protecting an investment. It can also be a critical part of on-site health and safety initiatives, keeping the work environment from harmful debris, chemicals or dust.

Industrial Tank Maintenance: A Multi-Step Process

The process involved in cleaning and painting industrial silos and storage tanks includes multiple steps:

Inspection:  There are number of reasons to conduct a review of the condition of industrial tanks and silos prior to :

  • Exterior Corrosion
  • Interior condition
  • Integrity of the tank or silo due to weather conditions, expansion and contraction

Preparation: Surface preparation is a critical step and different for every job. If there is no surface corrosion, the tank may simply benefit from a thorough power washing or sandblasting methods. If the unit itself is rusted or corroded, rust must be removed and a new coating applied. If the coating is loose or lifting off the surface, it must be removed either by hand or by industrial pressure washing.

Industrial Paint & Coatings: Choosing the correct interior or exterior coating is an important part of tank restoration. Eliminating or minimizing deterioration or corrosion protects the product, your assets, and reduces liability.

Industrial coating and painting operations require a high level of worker safety and education.  At Performance Industrial, we are leaders among industrial tank painting contractors with a reputation for fostering a culture of safety that has made us a leader in our industry. Our valued employees are thoroughly trained in how to safely and correctly use the equipment provided on our worksites. We have a proven track record of safety in commercial and industrial settings. When you need an experienced industrial tank painting contractor, call us at (518) 793-9274 for more information on commercial and industrial cleaning services for Albany, Troy, Malta, Saratoga, Glens Falls NY and beyond.