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Long Term Cleaning & Painting Contractors

Industrial Long Term Contractor Placements

Long-term cleaning and painting contractors are rapidly becoming the go-to choice for commercial and industrial facilities.  Our long-term contractor placements are completed quickly and efficiently, relieving the employer of having to worry about the paperwork, training, certifications, etc. involved in hiring new full-time employees.

Benefits of Long Term Contractors

Performance Industrial commercial and industrial long term contractor placements provide a seamless transition, ensuring your businesses can continue to function smoothly as the work gets done. Employers no longer need to spend time and resources on an procuring qualified employees. Our team members are experienced, and able to provide a high level of services from the very first day.
  • No Training or Screening Necessary; professional work on day 1
  • Committed long-term employees
  • Consistent high quality work
  • No payroll or benefits paperwork
  • Contractors always on site
  • Impress potential customers with a professional workplace
  • Boost employee pride and productivity

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Contractor Placements

Long-term cleaning contractors are an absolute asset, where cleanliness is essential to product quality, employee productivity and safety, and customer confidence. Commercial and industrial facilities cannot afford a lapse in cleaning and maintenance services, especially if they are subject to outside health and safety inspectors. With a long-term contractor, employers can feel confident, knowing that they will  receive consistent high quality work from the first day of the contract to the last with no gaps. This allows employers to attend to more important matters, comfortable that the contractor will deal with any problems or complications that arise.

Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractors

Professionally-trained contractors will keep paint and coatings consistently fresh and precise, impressing customers and giving employees a sense of pride. Employers understand that potential customers’ first impressions of a business facility weigh heavily on their decision as to whether or not they want to invest further or look elsewhere. The general mood of the work force correlates directly to productivity, and a fresh, clean, professional appearance has been proven to improve employees’ contentment and overall feeling of well being.

Immediate Results

All employers deserve the peace of mind that comes with hiring a skilled, experienced on-site long-term contractor who will perform at a high level on the first day. Whether the job is cleaning, painting, or other essential work, the employer can rest easy, knowing that the contractor will handle all aspects of his or her job independently and professionally. Long-term contractors provide professional quality work that begins immediately and lasts as long as necessary. Performance Industrial long term contractor programs provide qualified businesses with a crew member on staff, full-time. They show up every day, ready to tackle any problems. Our trained staff manages the headaches so you can focus on what you do best. Contact us online, or call  (518) 793-9274  for more details. Related Posts:



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