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A New Name. A New Chapter.

Americlean-EagleOn March 31st, 2014 I wrote a letter with tears in my eyes. It was a culminating moment. Both hello and goodbye. The ending of a story and beginning of a new chapter. It was the collection of 28 years of pride that have led to a new name and a new vision for our company.

The Journey of a Name

The past 28 years have been filled with excitement. From a 1-man power washer to a 30-person company with a large list of commercial and industrial customers and services – I’ve truly enjoyed witnessing the growth of this company. More importantly, I’ve enjoyed watching the relationships that have sprouted, grown and flourished with employees, vendors, customers, and others in the business community. Americlean and I have grown and changed together and I’m so very grateful for the influence of those that continue to reach out and support me both professionally and personally. To all of you, I say thank you Last summer, we sat down to reflect on where we are today and how our company has evolved. It was then that we decided to refocus our efforts on communicating the experience we provide our customers on every single job. That led to a whirlwind of introspection and a list of questions we had to ask ourselves:
  • What are we doing to create a positive, memorable, and unique experience?
  • What are we doing to outrun, outsmart, outperform, and outdo our competitors?
  • How do we add value to the lives of our customers, families, coworkers, and friends? 
  • How can we better support our team for success in the office, in the field, and in their personal lives?
  • What are our biggest opportunities?
  • What are our most valuable capabilities and resources?
  • How do we express our growth and change the impression that we do residential work?
  • Are we building impactful relationships?
  • What’s holding us back from playing full out?
The answers to our questions are rooted in a powerful list of goals. These goals are a result of a team effort to define our values as humans, citizens and a company. They’re more than just words on a wall. They’re the reasons we come to work every day, the reasons we do what we do. We want this company to be:
  • A place where each of us has a secure future, together.
  • A place where each of our strengths and abilities are recognized and appreciated.
  • A place where everyone is encouraged to learn and grow.
  • A place our folks can be proud to work, because we live up to higher standards and deliver superior results, every day.
  • A place that recognizes and supports our community and our families.
  • A place that we can build our lives around.

A Future for Heroes

That tearful letter I was writing was to my employees. Its purpose was to officially inform them that, on April 1st 2014, our name would change to Performance Industrial. I’m not sure if the tears are truly just those of gratitude or also from the fact that I’m 28 years older! Either way, I couldn’t be more proud. The memories of everything that has happened good and bad came to the surface and reminded me I am not Americlean, and our employees are not Americlean. We are more than a company. We are real, trustworthy, hardworking, loyal and confident people. As we move forward as Performance Industrial, we will continue to be those people, only stronger, and with a renewed intention to conduct a seamless performance on every job. Our new name, Performance Industrial, sings out to the masses. It declares who we are, what we do and what we believe in – making everyone look like a hero. So long to our good-ole name Americlean. Fly high my friend! You have served us well! I’m thrilled to share this time with you and I hope you’ll join us in celebrating…just excuse the continued tears (of joy).