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27 Years, 27 Employees, 27 Flags!

Flag Day Donation To celebrate our 27th year in business and our 27 employees, we set a goal of replacing 27 American flags in our community on Flag Day.  Our staff split into teams with a list of 27 locations in need of flag replacement. As the crew made it around the area, however, they found there were even more who needed fresh red, white and blue! The crew ended up replacing 56 flags throughout the community and donated their allotted lunch money to the veterans house and soup kitchen. Many thanks to Gettysburg Flag Works who made this amazing day possible. [av_hr class=’short’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’ av_uid=’av-11clg’]   Read the article from Time Warner Cable about our exciting day! [This article originally appeared online, published by Time Warner Cable News: Company donates new American flags in honor of Flag Day In honor of Flag Day, one company is making sure flags in the South Glens Falls area are clean and pristine. Americlean is replacing 27 old flags in the area with brand new ones. YNN’s Erin Moran brings us to the Oliver Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls, who was one of the lucky recipients. And as students watched their old flag come down and a new one fly high, they got a bit of flag history, as well. Mark Miller Donates FlagsSOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. — Students at the Oliver Winch Middle School recited the Pledge of Allegiance Friday morning as they gazed upon their new American Flag, donated by Americlean in honor of Flag Day. “We’re very community minded. We try to do something for the community every year. This year, it kind of happened that we had our company meeting on Flag Day and we had the desire to give away flags and we said perfect! We have 27 employees, it’s our 27th anniversary, let’s give away 27 flags on Flag Day,” said Mark Miller, President of Americlean in South Glens Falls. Mark Fish, Principal at Oliver Winch Middle School thought it was a great thing for the school and for Americlean, saying, “I was really thrilled when Americlean called and said they wanted to donate a new flag to the school and tie it into their company’s celebration of Flag Day. I thought it was a win-win, for them and for us.” Performance Industrial Donates Flags“I think it’s important because it’s part of nationalism and feeling pride in your country. And it really shows what our school represents by getting a new flag,” said Seth Cooper, a seventh grader at Oliver Winch Middle School. “It just made me proud to be an American and a big thanks to Americlean,” said Marlies Amberger, also a seventh grader at Oliver Winch Middle School. “Flag Day is very important to remember because, you know, it’s celebrating our flag and it’s a symbol of the country and for America,” said Kailyn Woodard, another seventh grader at Winch Middle School. “It is important to recognize the flag and we say the Pledge every morning, so they certainly all knew that when it was time to say the Pledge, so I’m proud of the kids,” said Fish. “I think it’s important for everybody to know the value of a flag and to realize where their roots are and where they’re coming from,” said Miller.