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Commercial Parking Lot Chewing Gum Removal

It is estimated that174.74 million Americans used chewing gum in 2017. For many commercial and industrial business owners, parking lots are a high profile part of their real estate. For some businesses, they are an added benefit for employees. For some, their parking lots are highly visible and play a part in their physical presence. No matter what type of parking lot you have, chewing gum removal cn be an ongoing, difficult maintenance issue. Once gum hits the sidewalk, floor or concrete, it collects dirt and becomes hard and black…difficult to remove and unsightly. Performance Industrial commercial parking lot chewing gum removal, cleaning and maintenance services are designed for shopping centers, office buildings, schools and universities, government bulidings and apartment buildings, and is also part of our Rapid Image Improvement plan. Performance Industrial can help you clean and maintain your parking garage and sidewalks. We work as a commercial painting contractor in Albany, Saratoga, Glens Falls, and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can improve the look and safety of your business. Related Posts:        

Karen Miller