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Performance Industrial Makes Safety Our Top Priority

Since 1996, National Safety Month has been celebrated every June by the National Safety Council to spread awareness of safety hazards and unintentional injuries. It is a time to reflect on the working conditions around the country and how we can create a safer environment for those who work hard for honest pay. At Performance Industrial, we prioritize safety and seek to share our knowledge with others because safety is a mindset that unites all of us. Creating a culture of safety is more than just committing to practices and procedures on paper.  It is a mindset, an innate drive, and an actionable responsibility to make a company a safe place to work. Putting safety first makes for a better work environment, higher morale, improved communication, and more efficient protocols. Safety comes first – every time, no matter what. This means that at Performance Industrial, safety is one of the foundational principles that drive our company culture and sets the expectations for how we act while we’re out in the field. Our company-wide investment in safety and injury prevention speaks to how we value the safety of each person in our company as well as those we partner with.

Building a Safety Culture

To safeguard an environment that focuses on the health and well-being of our employees and to reach our goal of zero accidents, a strong safety culture is imperative. Creating a safety culture requires everyone moving in the same direction and working as a team. To continually improve, we must never grow complacent in our drive to uphold the highest safety principles in our efforts to be the best of the best.

Share Knowledge

Building a strong safety culture yields many benefits and is important to the success of our company. Although safety cultures can be difficult to measure, their presence or lack thereof, is a factor easily sensed through observation of team member in their day-to-day duties. Our dedication to safety expands beyond the walls of our offices, we also seek to share our knowledge with others. Our team offers outside organizations interested in improving their safety standards the opportunity to partner with us on training programs and initiatives to achieve this goal. We believe that if we all set higher safety standards, then we can continuously improve the industry and protect even more people.

Reinforce Commitment to Safety

We reinforce our commitment to safety with ongoing training for employees, so all team members remain thoroughly versed. Even if they have completed some safety training, Performance Industrial always gives them more, enhancing their prior experience. We carry this through from our newest team members up to our more experienced and senior workers. This ensures that our safety program is up to date for everyone, and if time has passed since the previous training, and certain practices have been improved or changed, everyone will be brought up to speed with the same information. Our commitment to ensuring that all Performance Industrial employees have the same level of training and knowledge is one area that sets us apart from other companies.

Increase Safety to Reduce Accidents

Increasing safety to reduce accidents is not only a good economic goal, but it is a moral obligation for all of us. Performance Industrial invests in the proper safety training to effectively reduce the number of injuries that occur on our projects and while operating equipment. Our employees learn about practices and procedures such as lock-out tag-out procedures, fall protection, safe ladder usage, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) so they are better prepared to avoid injury on site. The safety of our personnel is our top priority. By committing to and ingraining safety within our company culture, safety is a priority for everyone each day. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure every employee feels connected, secure, and, most importantly, safe in their role. Would you trust a company with a long history of mistreating employees or of workplace injuries? Would you feel confident partnering with such an organization and handing over your hard-earned money to them? The answer here is likely no. Since 1986, Performance Industrial has remained committed to quality in both on-the-job performance as well as employee development and training. Performance Industrial has managed hundreds of industrial cleanings safely and efficiently. A major contributor to the success of our industrial cleaning is our employees who respect safety. We would be more than happy to assist you in improving your safety standards!

Gregg Brooke


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