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PI’s Epoxy Flooring Team Heads to World of Concrete (and other updates)

It’s been a little over eight months since Performance Industrial purchased the assets of Key Equipment and Key Flooring and we’re excited to share some updates!

World of Concrete

Our flooring team and much of the former Key Flooring crew flew out to Las Vegas for the World of Concrete convention. World of Concrete is the only international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and construction industries. We toured industry suppliers, saw some innovative construction equipment and machinery, learned about new technologies and more!

In the words of Dave Kilcullen:

There was so much to see! I enjoyed seeing all of the new technology and learning about the different equipment. I look forward to testing some new epoxy finishing effects I learned about.

In the words of Bill Hofelich:

My favorite part was checking out the new equipment and machines, especially the sanders and grinders. I didn’t realize there were so many options!

In the words of Mark Miller:

I loved being there with my son Bill and the crew. With over 300 vendors catering to concrete coatings and repair materials, it was simply an awesome learning experience for all. Meeting with the different suppliers of epoxy, resins, fillers, tools and equipment is not something you can get locally. The investment we made to attend has already paid off ten fold!

Key Flooring Updates

We also took some time to check in with our Key Flooring team to see how things were going in their transition to the Performance Industrial team. Here are some of their thoughts:

Bill Hofelich on his time with Performance:

I feel great about coming to work. Performance is managed well and there’s hardly any chaos. I also really feel appreciated and welcomed by Mark and the other team members. I enjoy being included in the visions of the bigger picture and how much value there is here on work/life balance. Good equipment and good people!

Walter (Junior) Pullis on his transition to the Performance team:

I really just like doing epoxy floors and continue to have that same experience here. People really say thank you and I enjoy the crew I work with. I also appreciate this team’s attention to staying organized and keeping us safe and equipped.

Dave Kilcullen’s thoughts on Performance Industrial:

Since joining Performance Industrial, I’ve appreciated the opportunity to refocus on working safely. This team is dedicated to safe practices and I’ve become much more aware of how it impacts our day. I also just continue to enjoy everyone I work with!

Mark Miller’s thoughts on the Key team:

In my 30 years of business, I’ve never met a crew that gives me as much confidence as this crew has. I have known all of them for over 20 years, as Key was our largest subcontractor for 27 years. I am proud to have them on our team and enjoy working with them. There are a lot of things that can go wrong on an epoxy job but, with their experience and dedication, our customers can rest assured they will have the highest quality job completed for them.
  The entire Performance Industrial team has benefited from the talented that the Key Flooring crew has brought. They continue to educate us every day and the entire company is looking forward to a concerted effort to expand our flooring services.