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PI Crew Completes Permit-Required Confined Space Rescue Compliance Training

As a commercial and industrial cleaning, painting, and flooring company, our crews take pride in one of our favorite slogans, “Dirty. Difficult. Done.” The ‘difficult’ part, however, is where we really excel. That’s because we often take “regular” work, like cleaning and painting, and pair it with industrial experience, skill and safety training. The result: doing an exceptional job in dangerous or sensitive environments. For many of our manufacturing or industrial projects, that often means working in confined spaces. I’m proud to share that our crew has just completed Permit-Required Confined Space Rescue Compliance Training. As many of our customers know, this training is designed to:
  • Educate workers that routinely enter permit-required confined spaces
  • Meet the training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 “Permit-Required Confined Spaces”
  • Teach the duties of supervisors, entrants, and attendants
  • Teach lock out/tag out procedures
  • Teach atmospheric monitoring and non-entry rescue

Benefits of a Vendor Trained in Permit-Required Confined Space Rescue

In many instances, employees or vendors that work in confined spaces also face increased risk of exposure to serious physical injury from entrapment, engulfment, restricted airflow and other atmospheric conditions. Confinement itself can pose hazards because it can keep employees and vendors closer to dangerous machinery components. When you need an industrial cleaner, having one trained in permit-required confined space rescue will give you the confidence that our crew will:
  • Act safely and responsibly when working in your facility
  • Be prepared if an accident or emergency occurs (affecting your team or ours)
  • Protect you from any penalties that may occur from allowing vendors to work in your facility that are not allowed in permit-required areas
  • Proactively identify safety hazards and reliably reduce risks for everyone involved
  Does your facility have permit-required confined spaces? Contact us today to add a trained vendor to your team.  [Photo credit]