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Commercial Painting and Cleaning

  • Clients

    Huck Finn’s

  • Date

    25 July 2021

  • Category

    Commercial, Cleaning

  • Location


Commercial Painting and Cleaning for Huck Finn’s Warehouse and More

When Edwin Sperber, CEO of Huck Finn’s Warehouse & More, decided to convert a 245,000 square foot storage warehouse into a retail store, he knew he had to call Performance Industrial.

Performance’s team went to work and thoroughly cleaned the interior and exterior of the facility. We used a combination of pressure washing technology, heavy-duty industrial vacuuming and elbow grease. The company’s painting division then took over, sprucing up the walls and ceiling and applying epoxy flooring in time for the warehouse’s grand opening.

“They did a very nice job,” says Sperber, “They’re dependable and thorough. I’ve been very pleased.”