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Corporate and Commercial Painting

  • Clients

    Encompass Insurance

  • Date

    25 July 2018

  • Category


  • Location

    Totowa, NJ

Corporate and Commercial Painting for Encompass Insurance

The true test of any insurance is what happens when you have a claim. Encompass assures fast, fair, and personal claim service. The New York claim office is located on the eighth and ninth floors of the old CNA building, better known as 333 Glen.

333 Glen is a prime location in Glens Falls, N.Y., and houses various companies and businesses. When Encompass Insurance decided they wanted to improve the aesthetics and create a brighter, cleaner environment for their employees, their building manager reached out to us. He had worked with Performance Industrial before and had heard great things about it from others.

Encompass had decided on the design and colors they wanted for the two floors of the building. Special care had to be taken to prevent the insurance workers from being disturbed. Preparation of the walls and painting would need to be completed on nights and weekends.

All small cracks, divots and imperfections were caulked, repaired, sanded and primed. All of the walls were painted and completed in about 3 weeks. They were very pleased with the timeliness and quality of Performance’s execution.