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Post Construction Cleanup

  • Clients

    BBL Construction

  • Date

    25 July 2021

  • Category


  • Location

    Albany, NY 12203

Post-Construction Cleanup for BBL Construction Services

Six Flags Great Escape’s Patrick Hedderman, project manager for Aquatic Development Group and Michael Robyck, project manager for BBL Construction Services needed a massive post-construction specialty cleanup project completed before a looming opening date.

The clean-up involved overhauling 38,000 square feet of indoor water park within seven days. Robyck, who was concerned that the project would not be completed before a VIP sneak peak, called Performance Industrial. Performance’s crews completed an incredible amount of work, touched nearly every surface in the new water park and utilized almost every aspect of their service offerings. Patrick Hedderman, project manager for Aquatic Development Group said, “After Performance began the cleanup project, our schedule changed dramatically and we went from having more than a week to only seven days to get the park in shape. They were very flexible and rolled with the punches to get the job done.”

According to Robyck, “Performance had the proper skills and equipment required to perform this challenging and aggressive cleaning project that not many other cleaning companies in the area are capable of or equipped to handle. With all the obstacles and the very tight schedule, they completed the work on time and with excellent workmanship.”