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A runner-up “award” to keep us running!

I opened my email and read, “Congratulations! You’ve been voted runner-up for carpet-cleaning in our local “Best Of” contest!” YTBkraftMy stomach dropped. Then, I just had to laugh. It was an affirmation, a moment of reflection, and a push. For 28 years, our company has grown from me and my one-man power washing business to a team of almost 30 handling the dirtiest and most complex industrial cleaning and painting jobs for manufacturers, hospitals, colleges, grocery chains, casinos, and more. Remember the show Dirty Jobs on Discovery? Those are my guys. They are tough, hard working, educated, and certified individuals making the biggest names in the region shine. We started our brand transformation because we knew the Americlean of the past was ready for change. The phone calls for residential painting, office janitorial service, dry cleaning, and even (our favorite) requests for Porta Potty rentals were getting old. But, our name still had equity. Our loyal customers knew who we were, what we stood for. A new venture needed to capture all that we had…and help get us off the Porta Potty call list.  So, we took the leap of faith and dug in for over a year to understand where we came from, who we are today, and where we want to be tomorrow. After surveys and interviews, focus groups, research, and reviews…we’d finally landed. We were Performance Industrial. We had our new shirt and trucks, website and marketing strategy – we were on fire!  Then, just after our big unveiling, I get that email… After my initial shock passed, I realized that this branding was not just about buying new uniforms or putting a new sign on the door. We’d signed up for an ongoing transformation, something that would take time. We are not carpet cleaners and we never have been. But, our crew it out there every day doing the work that will continue to grow our reputation, conducting a seamless performance. Thank you! Dear ‘Best Of’ contest, I’m so glad you contacted me! While we aren’t your top carpet cleaner, I feel like I’ve won a different kind of award. This little moment of “You’ve got to be kidding me” was just what I needed! I now have full confidence we are headed in the right direction. This will all be in the back of my mind as we keep charging forward as Performance Industrial: The frontrunners behind the scenes