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[Free Downloads] Safety Forms for Facility and Site Work

At Performance Industrial, safety comes first – every time, no matter what. Our crews pay attention to details and it shows up in our stellar safety record. We’ve created a culture of safety that solidifies our reputation as a leader in the commercial cleaning, painting & blasting industry.

Dedication To Education Ensures Superior Standards.

Because we care about keeping everyone safe, Performance Industrial offers the opportunity to partner with organizations looking to improve safety standards through training programs. We are happy to put on a program for your team or answer any questions you may have about building a safety culture. South Glens FallsAlbany
Through our continuous dedication to education, our whole crew has learned a lot of safety lessons. We believe that if we all set higher safety standards, then we can continuously improve the industry and protect even more people. Please feel free to download these safety materials for your own use. We hope they can help guide your safety programs, protocols, and initiatives. Site Safety Audit 2

Why use the Energy Control Log Form?

  • OSHA says you have to document your lockout procedures
  • Improve communication between shifts
Download Here         Site Safety Audit 2

Why use the Job Safety Analysis Form?

  • Decrease risk of accidents
  • Stay prepared for an OSHA safety audit
  • Help prevent catastrophic explosions, fires and other potential threats
Download Here         Site Safety Audit 2

Why use the Confined Space Permit Form?

  • Help prevent accidents by keeping track of in/out activity
  • Monitor gas levels to prevent any incidents
Download Here       Site Safety Audit 2

Why use the Site Safety Audit Form?

  • Help make each worker aware of safety requirements
  • Help prevent against easily avoided accidents
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