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Commercial HVAC Summer Maintenance Checklist

5 HVAC Parts on Your Maintenance Checklist

Your industrial or commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system should be, for the most part, relatively self-reliant. Yet like all pieces of heavy machinery, regular maintenance can improve performance, prevent breakdowns, and extend the life span of your equipment. Follow this commercial HVAC summer maintenance checklist to keep your HVAC system at peak operation for as long as possible. When in doubt, schedule professional HVAC cleaning services to optimize the performance of your heating and cooling units.

Chiller Maintenance Services

Check your chillers and boilers seasonally – your cooling system in the spring and your heating system in the fall. During inspection, disassemble all screens and access panels. Visually inspect all components, including nozzles, fill valves, drive coupling, fan blades, support structure, gearbox, and motor bearings. Inspect your wiring carefully, checking your motor starter for corrosion or wear and tear on terminals. Clean the starter and lubricate components as necessary. Check the overall condition of your sump heater and contractor.

Industrial Boiler Maintenance

Industrial boiler maintenance can help prevent emergency shutdowns and system breakdowns during the winter. If your boiler fails, it often results in operations in your facility coming to a halt. Avoid these issues by checking your boiler at least once per year. Boiler maintenance best practices will depend on your boiler type and model. In general, check your common fittings such as pumps and valves, pressure gauges, and insulation. Inspect your safety sensors and electrical circuits. If you have a steam system, look at the steam trap several times per year for proper operation.

Commercial Pump Maintenance

Your commercial pump can experience several problems without proper maintenance and high-quality repairs. You could notice seal leakage, damaged shafts, rust, or corrosion during a seasonal maintenance check. These are signs of pump failure that must be addressed as soon as possible. Routine maintenance should include lubricating the pump seal to prevent dryness, checking the pump shaft for minor damage or discoloration, and flushing the pump to prevent deposits from forming. Always trust pump flushes and repairs to the hands of licensed HVAC professionals.

Air-Handling Unit

One of the most important parts of your HVAC system is its air-handling unit. This includes air filters and ductwork. Check your air handling unit at least quarterly for buildup of dust, dirt, and mold. As the owner of a commercial facility, it is your responsibility to deal with mold in your HVAC system as soon as possible, to prevent worker injury and illness. You should replace your air filters at least four times per year based on conditions. Talk to a professional HVAC company about how to control mold growth.


Issues with your thermostat can lead to your system running continuously – a major waste of energy. If you’ve noticed higher-than-usual energy bills or an HVAC system that runs nonstop, the issue may lie with your thermostat. Reprogram your thermostats at the start of each season to make sure they accommodate your needs year-round. You may need to bring in a professional to recalibrate, repair, or replace broken thermostats. For all your commercial and industrial HVAC maintenance needs, contact Performance Industrial.

Commercial Summer HVAC Maintenance Steps:

  • Replace filters, clean and adjust dampers
  • HVAC air inlets and outlets and fresh air intakes
  • Check fans and blower bearings and belts
  • Dampers to make sure bolts are secure, parts are lubricated, blades open and close securely
  • Inspect air ducts and liners
  • Inspect and clean evaporators and condenser coils; check refrigerant
  • Review accuracy in operation of thermostats and controls …. And multiple other components
Performance Industrial services include regularly scheduled industrial and commercial summer HVAC maintenance plans in Albany, Troy, Malta, Saratoga, Glens Falls, Lake George, Ticonderoga and the Southern Adirondacks.  Call (518) 793-9274 for more information.