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Renewing Our Commitment to Drive Out Cancer

Performance Industrial is teeing up to meet their goal of $60,000 raised for cancer research, treatment, and awareness, renewing our commitment to drive out cancer. Our Drive Out Cancer Capital Region Traveling Golf League officially kicked off their 10-week tour at the beginning of August. It is a fundraising event to support the Real Men Wear Pink campaign and the American Cancer Society. October marks a special time for Performance Industrial when employees unite to support the company’s Real Men Wear Pink initiative, a driving force in the culture of our industrial cleaning company. At the beginning of October, Performance Industrial’s crew will adorn “Pink” for breast cancer awareness and help drive donations to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Our employees have become deeply engaged with the charitable giving process over the past three years. As a result, our crew and company have raised over $90,000 dollars! Cancer continues to be the second most common cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease. In the U.S. in 2023, a total of 1.9 million new cancer cases and 609,820 deaths from cancer are expected to occur (Max Roser and Hannah Ritchie – “Cancer”. Published online at With cancer cases being diagnosed each minute in the United States, Performance Industrial recognizes the urgency to find a cure for cancer and has made the Drive Out Cancer Capital Region Traveling Golf League and Real Men Wear Pink campaigns our philanthropic objective, with over $2 million raised and donated to cancer charities since 2016. As part of an annual tradition, Performance Industrial spearheads numerous Real Men Wear Pink events and campaigns to take place from August through October to support the company’s fundraising goals. Our company joins ambassadors across the nation who step up and use the power of wearing pink to raise funds and draw attention to the fight to end breast cancer. “Breast cancer affects everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. That’s why I’m stepping up to fight breast cancer with all I have. Since I’m able to make a difference within my community, I believe I have an obligation to do so. By raising money and awareness through Real Men Wear Pink, I’m helping to save more lives from breast cancer.” Bill Miller, Owner, Performance Industrial. Every dollar raised helps the American Cancer Society save more lives from being lost to breast cancer through early detection and prevention, breakthrough breast cancer discovery and research, and lifesaving patient support. Your support allows the American Cancer Society to continue saving more lives! They’re helping people take steps to reduce their risk of breast cancer or find it early when it’s easier to treat. They provide free information and services when and where people need it. They fund groundbreaking breast cancer research and they’re working to ensure access to mammograms for women who need them. To find out more about the Real Men Wear Pink initiatives taking place, visit

About Performance Industrial

Performance Industrial believes in using the power of industrial cleaning to help our clients maintain brighter, cleaner, safer, and more professional workspaces. We understand that each project impacts the world in a different way and our goal is to help make the world better with project completion. Through our professional industrial services, we can make a world of difference in a facility’s quality, safety, and energy performance. When you need a single source and expert execution, think Performance Industrial! Our company’s commitment to community is the fabric of who we are. We are always working to uncover ways to help those around us. From raising money for cancer research to feeding families at Thanksgiving, our goal is to care about the community we serve in. Follow and support our journey at

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