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Brains Come Before Brawn

At Performance Industrial, safety comes first – every time, no matter what. Our crews pay attention to details and their impeccable safety record makes your job easier. We’ve created a culture of safety that establishes our reputation as a leader in the industry.

Experience Matters

Putting safety first makes for a better work environment, higher morale, improved communication and more efficient protocols – all of which add up to money saved for our customers. We keep equipment well-maintained and upgrade tools whenever necessary. We provide ongoing training to our employees so all are thoroughly versed in how to safely and properly use the best equipment on a variety of work sites. We have a proven track record of working safely in commercial and industrial settings and our employees are thoroughly trained. Some examples of our team’s training and certifications include:
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Many of our employees are specially trained in and/or certified by:
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Safety Programs And Training

Dedication To Education Ensures Superior Standards.

At Performance Industrial, we prioritize safety and seek to share our knowledge with others. Our team offers outside organizations interested in improving their safety standards the opportunity to partner with us on training programs and initiatives in order to achieve this goal. We believe that if we all set higher safety standards, then we can continuously improve the industry and protect even more people. Our skillfully trained staff members are available to:
  • Participate in your company’s safety training program
  • Partner with your company’s safety events
  • Conduct a safety audit
  • Speak or present at safety training days
  • Develop safety programs and more!
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Industrial Cleaning

Training & Certifications

Since 1986, Performance Industrial has remained committed to quality in both on-the-job performance as well as employee development and training. We rely on our valued crew members to provide exceptional service to our customers. We do that by giving them the training and support required to perform at their very best on every job, every time, including industrial cleaning and coating certifications. Quality, safety, experience.
Many of our employees are specially trained in and/or certified by:

Dirty. Difficult. Done.

Welcome To The Performance Industrial Resources Portal

When it comes to safety and cleanliness, we want it done right. Why? Because your business depends on it.  Use the resources below to learn about the services we offer, educate yourself and your team, and more.